Product Information - Spiral Ball
Product Information - Spiral Ball


Product Information – Spiral Ball
The spiral is also made of stainless steel, and may be left outside with the glass ball all year round!
The spiral ball, however, is not a wind mobile, as the wind has only a minimal contact surface. As a result, the spinning must always be commenced by hand.
The spinning time of the spiral ball, however, can be extended by doubling over the included nylon string. Then the string can spin up and down within itself. In addition, the following applies: The longer you can hang the spiral, the longer it will spin.
You should never lay the glass ball in the sun, as it can have the effect of a magnifying glass!
A spiral ball combined with a wind mobile offers an alternative to spinning the device yourself. The wind can spin the wind mobile, which takes the spiral with it!
Please also replace the string of the spiral ball a few times each year, as the plastic can become brittle.