Product Information - Wind Mobile
Product Information - Wind Mobile


Product Information – Wind Mobile
For our products we only use high quality stainless steel. As all our products are rust-free, they are not only suitable for use inside, but also for outdoor areas all year round.
If you would like to clean your wind mobile (fingerprints, pollen, water stains, etc.), just remove the string and place the wind mobile as is (with the glass ball, if included) in the dishwasher.
The string of the wind mobile should be replaced a few times each year, as it is placed under heavy strain due to heat, cold and constant spinning.
If your wind mobile was not bent open when you received it, please adhere to the following instruction:
Guidelines for Shaping Your Wind Mobile
Hold your wind mobile with both hands in such a way that the eyelet is pointing up.
Always bend the wind mobile up, starting in the middle and working outwards.
Press each bar (ring) upwards using a finger, while pressing downwards at the same time with the other finger.
The distance between the individual bars (rings) should be approx. 0.5 to 1 cm.
Optimal light effect is achieved by bending the individual bars (rings) so that they have a uniform spacing.
Continue to bend all the bars (rings) until you reach the outermost bar (ring).
Always bend the bars (rings) in one direction only; doing otherwise just negates the optical effect.
The micro bars are designed to be bent one time. Bending the micro bars in different directions multiple times will eventually result in their breaking. At that point, the wind mobile is no longer usable.
Of course, you can make minor corrections without breaking the micro bars.